2019 Battle of the Piney Woods

2019 Battle of the Piney Woods

The latest addition the all-star lineup of Texas AOK promoters is the champion Arlandus Chimmney of Lufkin Texas. It was the inaugural listing of this event as an AOK tournament. This event was held at the beautiful Lufkin JD’s Center of Hope and attended by some of the North regions best competitors.

2019 Battle of the Piney WoodsA number of the AOK’s top competitors attended this Saturday September 7th showdown. Some of the State Champions and legendary competitors in attendance were Carlo Falco, Travis Owens, Carol Parenti, Erin Williams, Matthew Williams, Gabriel Aguirre, D.E Chambers and world champion Johnnie Murphy along with a host of talented martial artist from the North corridor of Texas and Louisiana.

The event got off to an interesting start with a large crew of Master Chimney’s talented students and a bevy of local talent that impressed all in attendance. I was lucky enough to judge many of the skilled under belt competition with many exhibiting a real passion for the arts. I felt honored and welcome by the wonderful martial arts community of the Lufkin and Tyler area martial arts community. 

2019 Battle of the Piney Woods

The Grand champions were Johnnie Murphy in black belt adult Kata and D.E Chambers in the men’s black belt sparring. A full list of the winners can be found on the Texas AOK Webb site. You just need to click on the event then on the live results.

This area of Texas is a beautiful area and the people are friendly as I stayed overnight to explore the area to experience the local hospitality. I believe this event should be added to everyone’s list of next year’s events because of the well run and talented senior black belts running the event. I would have to give the Battle of the Piney Woods two thumbs up.

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