2019 TForce Elite Internationals

2019 TForce Elite Internationals

Trace Megellas and his Strike force of highly skilled martial arts competition students were at the Arlington Convention this August 17th to put on another action-packed event. Trace and his students are world-class competition champions who are top open weapons and trick martial artist practitioners that put on a real show as some of the best open weapons and forms champions in TKO and The League world martial arts leagues.

I came to this event last year and had a blast not only at the tournament but by the surrounding attractions. The Texas Ranger stadium and Water world are only a short walking track from the convention center venue. I arrived that night before to see from my hotel the Texas Ranger’s playing a game so we quickly registered at the hotel and walked to the stadium and was able to see the Rangers play the Minnesota Twins. Unfortunately, the Rangers were not victorious. You would think a 94-degree outdoor stadium “at night” would give the Rangers the advantage considering the Twins come from a way cooler state, but it was not to be and I think I lost a couple of pounds watching it due to the heat.

Unlike the Ranger Stadium, the Arlington Convention Center was cool and a great place for a martial arts event. I personally like this place not only for its beauty and vast spaciousness but because some of my favorite martial arts friends were there competing and running the show. We all were having a great time at the tournament and witnessed a lot of up and coming junior competitors putting on a show.

Going to these events are like mini-vacations for me and I know a lot of others feel the same way. Before I left the founder of the TKO “Wayne Nguyen” remarked that his family was also staying the night and heading to Water World across from the convention center. I ended up staying the night also and attended several other fun activities Dallas had to offer.

The tournament was run by top TKO and other well-known Texas elite black belts and champions. Several stars were vying for the day’s beautiful 1st place awards including world champion Rommel Gargoles, Regena Thompson, Johnnie Murphy, Annalise Bolen,  Tracy Olds, and Jaden Nguyen along with a large group of up and coming TKO Texas Champions. The complete results can be seen by going to the TKO website, clicking on any completed tournaments online registration and then clicking on the results.

I would have to say this was a fun tournament with good officials and a variety of special events that included breaking and stick fighting. I most certainly will be back next year.