Announcing the formation of Bushido Kai Karate Jutsu with Johnnie Murphy as its Grand Master

On November 20, 2010 a ceremony recognizing Bushido Kai Karate Jutsu took place at the dojo of Johnnie Murphy located in Houston at 17425 Stuebner Airline #G. The ceremony lasted over 3.5 hours. It included a demonstration of basics, advanced and master Kata, all advanced and master weapons, all Aki Jutsu self defense, all one step sparring, breaking, and jyu kumite. 16 of Mr. Murphy’s black belts from the last 20 years were present and helped Mr. Murphy perform all techniques. Many other black belt world and national champions were present.

Master Linda Denley, Grand Master Daryl Stewart, Grand Master James Stevens and Master Bill Milberger were present and chosen as the new technical advisory committee members. They sat on the board for the Grand Sokeship Council as officiators to the event. Professor Silverio Guerra was present by proxy. Johnnie Murphy was advanced to Grand Master of Bushido Kai Karate Jutsu with the council placing the belt around Mr. Murphy’s waist and giving certification documents in recognition of his new status and responsibilities.

Bushido Kai Karate Jutsu is a Japanese style martial art originating from Kyokushin kai. Johnnie Murphy has written 7 books and 2 supplemental manuals on the system. These books will be available on line and were given to the newly formed technical advisory committee.

Mr. Murphy is 53 years old and has won 8 NBL world titles, 4 UMAHOF world titles, 9 SKIL Amateur Black Belt world titles, 38 hall of fame awards from 4 different organizations, 47 state championships from 4 different organizations and the SKIL Overall Adult Black Belt Point Championship 10 years in a row. He has also won hundreds of national championships at tournaments around the State, Country and the world in his 39 nine year career in the martial arts.

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