The 2022 Ocean Nationals

2022 Ocean Nationals | Texas Sport Karate

I have been to the Ocean Nationals for the last 24 Years and every time I go, I always leave with a since of accomplishment for a job well done. This September 24th, 2022, tournament was amazing because it has always been held at the beautiful old Moody Gardens Convention Center and then later at the Galveston Island Convention Center at The San Luis Resort with the exception of 2008 when Hurricane Ike hit the east Texas gulf coast and destroyed Galveston. Wayne Nguyen, the producer has always provided a quality event and everyone in attendance always seemed relaxed and in good spirits. Galveston can do that to you, it must be all that positive energy from the ocean.

The 2022 Ocean Nationals is a signature tournament of the TKO Karate league as such it is always attended by the best martial artist from all over Texas. This year Wayne Nguyen went all out with his amazing bobble head Bruce Lee trophies given out to all 1st thru 3rd place competitors. The competition was exceptional with a large contingent of junior competitors that always seemed to possess unbelievable skill for their age. I was also amazed to see highly talented kick boxers, grapplers, stick fighters and breaking divisions that captivated all in attendance. The TKO organization has become the refuge of the old National Blackbelt League champions and promoters as well as many NASKA world champions who also compete at the Ocean Nationals.

The professionalism exhibited by a well run organization like the Texas Karate Organization or TKO allows all in attendance and competing to leave having had a positive experience. Wayne Nguyen is truly an amazing person, a renaissance man who in the 30 years I have known him has always amazed me at his industrious nature. The TKO and the Ocean Nationals have always been Wayne Nguyen’s baby and it always has been recognized by other national organizations like The League World Championships and the old National Black Belt League as an example of a cutting edge martial arts tournament as well as being a signature must go to event. All those who attend get recognition for their skills and aspirations to be the best in Texas.

The tournament was an AAA rated event with divisions for all ages and skill levels. The tournament ran smoothly as the other TKO producers were there along with well known senior black belts to help things run smoothly and with fair judging. The tournament finalized with the under black belt junior and under black belt adult grand championships. The adult black belt grand champions were Chelsea Clark – black belt women’s sparring grand champion, Willie Hicks – men’s overall black belt sparring grand champion, Miguel Muellaneda – junior black belt forms grand champion and Rommel Gargoles – the adult forms grand champion. This article is the intellectual property of Johnnie Murphy and any use of it must be recognized as such.