2022 Black Dragons Open Martial Arts Tournament

On July 9th, 2022, Greg Dorsey teamed up with the TKO Martial arts organization to host another great Sport martial arts event. The event was held at the beautiful Sarah Street Wellness Group Gymnasium located in beautiful Beaumont Texas. In attendance were many of the top sport karate enthusiast and competitors in Southwest Texas.

The event was attended by many of the TKO’s best junior and adult martial artist in Texas. Several Black belt world champions were in attendance and competing. The tournament finalized on time and was well run by a professional group of seasoned martial artist who were judging as well as competing. The Under black belt and junior black belt grands were ran with the last up being the adult forms grand championship.

The adult forms grand championship was a showdown between Johnnie Murphy, Robert Wilcox, Jenney Pless and Christina Subonj. All are some of the best martial artist in Texas. Jenney Pless ran her marvelous bladed staff in a great soft style weapons routine. Johnnie Murphy ran his patented powerful precision open katana sword kata. Robert Wilcox ran a solid Japanese kata which put him head-to-head with the beautiful Christina Subonj’s amazing Korean kata. In final score tally the judges chose Christina’s great kata that included almost vertical power kicks as the adult forms grand champion.

The women’s sparring grand champion was also won by the amazing Christina Subonj. The men’s sparring grands included Mike Maxwell, Road Warrior Willie Hicks, Taylor Jacobs, Michael Sweet and Jaden Nguyen. In the final fight Jaden Nguyen went all out against Willie Hicks. The fight went back and forth pitting Jaden’s speed and great kicking technique against Wille’s ring savvy and well-versed counter attacks. In the final fight Willie Hicks pulled ahead for the men’s sparring grand championship.

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RETRACTION: Master Greg Dorsey’s instructor was not Grand Master Fred Simon.