2022 Jam All Nationals

2022 Jam All Nationals | Texas Sport Karate

The cast was set for the largest TKO/TNT Tournament of 2022 so far this year. The May 28th, 2022, Memorial Day weekend did not detour a massive crowed from all over the country from showing up for the world class 2-day competition. The old NBL/SKIL world champions and champions from the Texas AOK and a variety of other national organizations poured in to the Westchase Marriott Hotel main Ballroom for a long overdue meeting of the titans in Texas sport karate. It was as if someone opened a time capsule from 15 years ago.

The atmosphere was electrified by an enormous crowed that filled the whole venue. World Champions and Karate Masters, Don’a Pettaway and Jason, J-Dawg Holmes produced this grand event. Thru out the day an endless parade of junior and adult competitors was on the floor giving it an all-out effort to be a champion. Many memorable competitions were completed with moms and even grandmas adding their voice for their kids and students. Tony and Theresa Kattengell founder of “The League” World Championships, was on hand to stream the event live and do interviews with the Champions and celebrities.

The TKO/TNT owes its existence to the amazing World Champion Wayne Nguyen and his many years of hard work developing this Texas Sport Karate League. I attended his TKO events and State championships as far back as the late 1990’s. This event Venue has been the location for many great Martial tournaments over the years because of its amazing beauty. The crew with the TKO/TNT did a great job orchestrating the Jam All Nationals

The TKO part of the event culminated on Saturday with the Grand championships. The junior and under black belt grands ran simultaneous with the end of the tournament followed by the finals and grands for the adult black belts. Garrett Lee won the Traditional Forms Grand champion. Garrett is the son of Gary Lee a great past champion and the Sport Karate Museum and Kata Wars founder. Chad Cannon won the contemporary forms grand championship and Peyton Fender was the black belt women’s sparring grand champion.

The amazing “Road Warrior”, Willie Hicks won the senior black belt men’s sparring grands. Alex Manthias, Chad Cannon, Ryan George and Charlie Davidson were the final fighters in the men’s sparring grands. All these men are famous and some of the best current Sport Karate Champions in the world. They are also past NBL and current NASKA world champions with Alex Manthias currently on Team Paul Mitchel. This was great competition with the crowed jumping up and down for their champion. In the final fight Alex Manthias emerged as the men’s black belt sparring grand champion.

The second day of the competition was the TNT part of the event. It was dedicated to competitors in the grappling, kickboxing, continuous sparring, stick fighting and several other specialty divisions. The TNT part of the tournament is an equally exciting and impressive event with an amazing group of competitors. Thanks go to the producers of the TKO/TNT for a professional and well-run event.