2020 TNT / TKO State Championships

2020 TNT/TKO State Championships

Wayne Nugyen started the TKO, also known as the Texas Karate Organization, back in the 1990’s and later inherited the TNT Texas National Tour, from its previous proprietors. Both are a combined state martial arts organization. Due to the Covi-19 restrictions this last year Wayne Nugyen had a dual schedule for the TKO and TNT 2020 State championships. They were held on different dates. The TKO virtual State championships were held in November 2020, on-line and in a virtual zoom format. Then the live TNT state championships were held in December 2020.

A long list of the previous year’s 2019 champions was competing in the TKO on-line zoom tournament for the contemporary and traditional weapons forms self defense and a variety of other forms divisions state titles.  All ages competed including myself. I personally felt before this event, that this type of event format was undesirable.

I decided to try this event out in my studio located in Spring Texas. We competed in my Karate school which is the home dojo for my Bushido Kai Karate Jutsu organization. I felt that this type of event would not be productive and a waste of time.  I competed in my divisions after the standard martial arts hurry up and wait period which is experienced an most tournaments.

I was amazed that competing at an on-line Zoom event could and did supply me with the exhilaration and emotional adrenaline release that an ordinary tournament produced. I will say that not competing in front of a large crowd was somewhat less gratifying as I am a showman and the clapping, appreciation of people watching and the feeling of accomplishment was somewhat missing.

I also watched other divisions being ran while I waited to compete and noticed that the two-dimensional aspect of a zoom event created a less visual acuteness than would have been at a live event. Because I was at my karate school, I felt comfortable competing giving me this weird calm and increased my ability to compete at an elevated level thereby eliminating the margin of error.

I will say that the competitors were exemplary, and I felt the usual excitement watching many great competitors show off their talent. But I will admit the two-dimensional aspect on the computers for some people’s systems created an inherent distortion that was hiding some inconsistencies to a degree but not really causing serious issues. I will conclude that to all who competed, it was satisfying and certainly filled my competition addiction. It was a somewhat acceptable substitute for a live event but only a live event supply’s the acute emotional experience and a true test of trial by combat.

Now the second part of the TKO/TNT event was a live event held on December 5th at the Doubletree Hilton Grand Ballroom at 15747 John F Kennedy Blvd in Houston Texas. During this part of the event all the Grappling, Sport MMA, Continuous Sparring, Power Wood Breaking, Point Sparring and Single Stick Fighting were exhibited. Hundreds of competitors crowded the ball room along with the many parents and supporters. This part of the State championship certainly provided the exhilaration and adrenaline rush of a full contact martial arts live event.

There is no doubt that live competition is a quantum leap from Zoom events. The atmosphere is charged and even the spectators are energized during the unfolding chain of events. The overall ambiance lends one to experience the personal excitement that can only be felt in a venue full of enthusiastic crowds.

In 2020 I competed at the live Larry Fields TKO Abilene tournament, The UMAHOF Championships and attended, as a reporter this TNT State Championships. As far as I know no one has died or gotten sick from the Covid -19 by attending any martial arts live event that I went to. All protocols were observed and yes masks were worn.

I have continued to teach and train others at the Bushido Kai Karate Jutsu Home Dojo in Spring Texas since we were all allowed out of lock down back in the summer. All the great Texas martial artist hiding out at home need to make 2021 a banner year by supporting the suffering schools and seriously financially depleted Martial arts organizations before this plague destroys another beloved part of our lives.

I am including a list of all the of all the 1st place champions and pictures I took at the TNT part of the State championships.

Tournament Results