2017 BMA NW Karate Championships

2017 BMA NW Karate Championship
This year’s October 21st 2017 BMA Championships was one of the best. It was held at the Harvest Time Church in North Houston. The event was produced by Barry and Mitzi Benton. The competitors came from all over the state to win one of the beautiful 3 foot trophies that were given out for first place and get valuable points for the 2017 State championships. Larry Fields and several others were there collecting points in an attempt to win the 2017 golden Greek Hall of fame award.
For those of you who don’t know about the Golden Greek Award, it’s centered around the great Texas champion Demetrious Havanous. At one point in Texas karate history Demetrious Havanous was the one of the greatest martial artist in Texas and was prematurely killed in an accident. He was referred to as “The Golden Greek” Had he lived there would be no doubt that he would have become a household name in the Sport Karate world and the Karate world in general. The Texas Amateur Organization of Karate “AOK” Honors him every year with The Golden Greek Award and those who win it must travel to many Tournaments and win a lot for the Honor of being a Greek champion.
The tournament Started on time with the specialty and kata divisions running first.  Black Belt adult champions were Larry Fields 35+ BB specialty, Johnnie Murphy won BB adult weapons and senior executive kata, Travis Owens BB executive men’s Kata, Mike Palomo- BB men executive traditional kata, Carol Parenti took first in senior women’s kata and BB specialty. Tia Buras was the champion women’s BB 18+ kata and BB traditional Kata, Jordan Gutierrez was another BB adult traditional Kata Champion, Wayne Hinkler won bb adult self-defense and David Chambers, one of the AOK’s top fighters pulled off an amazing feat by winning BB men’s Kata. David’s kata included some high flying aerials complete with a standing jump forward landing flat out on his back… ouch.
Junior and adult black belt and under black belt champions that were of note and I was privy to witness were Narsi Choksint 10/11 girls bb kata, Samuel Strong 10/17 bb junior traditional kata, 12/ 13 bb boys kata – Giovana Zamora, Jazmyn Dewbe – bb 14/15 kata, Cobral Gabriel – 11 & under specialty, Christian Dominguez – Adult Under black belt specialty, Sami Mannit – 11 & under intermediate specialty, Eva Alvarado – 12/17 advanced Specialty and in a big win in a monster division  Sean Nguyen won the BB 12/17 junior specialty with his younger brother Jaden Nguyen getting 2nd.  
Under black belt, Junior black belt and adult under belt sparring was ran after the kata divisions with some great fights and some well-deserved compliments on the skill and intensity of their matches. After the smoke cleared the adult Sparring was up.
Adult black belt sparring was last with Jordan Doss winning the men’s BB light weight championship, Tough Roy Holmes pulled ahead of the amazing Travis Owens for his win in the 35+ light weight men’s sparring division.  Mike Palomo battled it out with Batiste Vanrick with Mike nudging him out in a close contest.  Jiran Walker won the men’s BB middle weight sparring division and h DE Chambers winning the men’s heavy weight sparring division.
Now… the battle royal came in the men’s 45+ point sparring as DE Chambers faced off against Larry Fields. Both are great fighters and I saw something I thought I would never see… DE Chambers was doing pump kicking. The fight went back and forth but in the end DE Chambers prevailed for his win in that match. The last fight was Tracey Snowden vs DE Chambers in a war for the men’s 45+ heavy weight sparring division. This was a battle of the Titans as big Tracey launched himself at Chambers with Chambers repelling and countering Tracy’s blitzes. The contact was heavy and the action nonstop. In the end DE narrowly beat Tracy for his championship of the 45+ division
The tournament was ran well and due to its efficiency it terminated on time with a host of satisfied competitors. Complements to Barry and Mitzi Benton on another successful BMA NW Karate Championship.