Jamal Hasan

On Monday October 20, 2008, Texas Sport Karate News was saddened by to hear that one of our team mates and truely blessed young man had passed away. Jamal Hasan is just 21 years old and apparently died in an accidental drowning according to an article posted on www.news8austin.com which appeared Monday October 19, 2008. The article stated “witnesses at the scene reported that the two swimmers were diving from a cliff located in the area when one swimmer became distressed while in the water, the other swimmer also went under in an attempt to assist the swimmer who was drowning”.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his father Al and younger brother Jabbar. As more information is listed we will post it, you may also check www.theaok.org for more updates. Unfortunately the family has no insurance and the A.O.K. Organization is accepting donations for the family.

If you would like to help out this family in their time of need please make your check out to the A.O.K. and put “Jamal Hasan” on the memo line and send the check to:
PMB #312
402A West Palm Valley Blvd.
Round Rock, Texas   78634

The Services for Jamal Hasan are as follows:
Mt Ararat Baptist Church
5801 West Montgomery Rd
Houston, Texas
Wake: Thursday 7pm-9pm
Funeral: Friday 11AM