Life’s Journey

Life’s Journey

Author: Unknown

Richard Daniel Dixon entered his life on October 19, 1948, to the union of Richard Daniel Dixon, II and Alma J. Dixon in Washington, D.C. As a young child he accepted Christ and was a member of Morning Glory Church under the leadership of the late Rev. Caine, “Dickie” as he was affectionately called by his family and friends, received his education in the San Antonio independent School District attending Booker T. Washington Elementary, Douglas Junior High and graduating from the “old” Phyllis L. Wheatley High School.

Innocent teenage boy gets beat up, trains in karate and comes back to avenge his attackers, becoming a champion. It sounds like a movie plot but it fits the life of Richard Dixon. At the age of eight, Dickie relocated, from his birthplace of Washington, D.C., to San Antonio, Texas. It was there, as a teenager that Dickie nearly lost his life one night as he was attacked by a gang and severely beaten. The emotional turmoil from his incident became so great that he decided to leave San Antonio, moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico with his brother, Kermit Wilson in 1966. It was there that Dickie found courage and entered the world of Martial Arts, training in both, Tae Kwon Do and Kenpo. With courage and confidence restored, he moved back to San Antonio in 1969, continued his training and began working for his older brother, Charles, who coincidentally was developing a karate school in the city. it was in that year that he devoted his training to Japanese Goju Karate and earned his Black Belt.

Richard’s love for the Martial Arts didn’t stop with the earning of a Black Belt. After several years working and training, he confidently stepped out to open his own karate school in 1973, on San Antonio’s South side, choosing the same area in he was nearly beaten to death several years prior. He instructed many in the field of Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kick Boxing and various self-defense techniques. Richard Dixon has exemplified the big stature of Texas ever since. Becoming a Texas Legend in competition throughout the seventies and eighties, Dickie began setting his sights on producing champion qualities in his students, both as role models and famed competitors. Through his illustrious competitive years, he has been known for his excellent reverse punch, as well as for all the gold jewelry he liked to wear. You’ve heard of those that train with ankle weights…well Dickie does his weight training daily with the abundance of gold jewelry he wore. Dickie states that the wearing of his jewelry is an outward display of the enjoyment of the success which he has accomplished and a symbol for the things he didn’t have as a youth. He credits his success to his hard work, perseverance, belief and faithfulness to God. His flamboyancy has become to be expected in Texas, so it came as pure Texas Dixon Style. When in 1989 he stopped his own tournament mid-way through to have his wedding ceremony. In 1992 Dickie went on to the big screen making a movie with Chuck Norris, “Side Kick”. He worked with members of the San Antonio Spurs team, teaching them the skills of Martial Arts as well as many other prestigious individuals.

Despite Dickie’s typical independent Texas nature, which he has been know to show through a time or two in the competitions arena, he is one of the most loved and revered practitioners in the state and his desire to strive at being the best possible has certainly showed in his school’s competitors. Dickie was a father, brother and uncle figure to many young men he taught that did not have a father, brother or uncle. He touched the lives of the very young as well as those that were older. He spoke words of wisdom teaching that any goal set in life could be achieved if you stayed focused and believed in yourself. Giving up was not in Dickie’s book of rules. He set the example when he met his toughest opponent in the early nineties by the name of Cancer. Dickie, as he had done so many times before, defeated this opponent. The disease that claim the lives of many, lost the battle against, the “Grand Master”.

The goal in his techniques were to produce good citizens, productive Americans and to accelerate that accomplishment through the competitiveness of the sport karate, to produce champions. In 1993 Richard Dixon’s Karate School ranked #2 in the world out of the top 25 karate schools. Dickie was well known throughout San Antonio and various other cities and states for his expertise in Martial Arts. He achieved the belt of “Grand Master”.

Dickie was preceded in death by his parents and two brothers, Kermit J Wilson and Charles Henry Dixon. He leaves to cherish his memory five children, Carla Dixon,New Mexico, “Lil Dickey” Richard Daniel Dixon IV, Danielle Dixon, Tierra Dixon and Kim Dixon, two sisters, Cynthia Washington, Dallas Texas and Deborah Milton (Ronald): one brother, Bruce Dixon: two Aunts Mae Dixon, Washington D.C. and Dolores Steward (Johnny): one uncle, Ulysses Grant and a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.