2006 Houston Internationals Karate Championships

D.E Chambers is one of the top point karate fighters in the State of Texas. His school has always produced many skilled and talented martial artist. This year D.E was recognized by Constable Jarvis office for his involvement with the local youth programs to help kids stay out of trouble. Through the years I have seen him progress from a seasoned under belt under Master Fred Simon to the impressive sensei of today. Years of competition has rewarded him with many victories, impressive Texas State Karate championships and NBL titles. His tournament, like himself has always been impressive and this years May 20th event was no exception.

Eric Cantu pulled out ahead in the junior black belt specialty and Terese Pandolph was first in adult black belt specialty. Brian O’Grady and Evelyn Mattes performed flawlessly in a choreographed musical dinette to win junior black belt team forms. Gary Lee was unstoppable in the 35 plus specialty winning with a traditional katana sword form. Then in an impressive adult black belt weapons division that included Johnnie Murphy, Andrew Carrasco, Willie Galvan and other Texas champions. There was a three way tie for first place. After an exhilarating run off, Johnnie Murphy and his powerful sword form pulled ahead for the win.

The black belt adult forms championships was no less impressive with Andrew Carrasco winning adult black belt men open forms. Johnnie Murphy won another division with a first in 45 plus forms. Derrick Quick was the adult traditional form champion and Wayne Nguyen won the Men’s 35 plus black belt forms division. Willie Galvan ran his patented kung fu form for the top spot in soft open forms. Cassie Hendon won another women’s black belt forms championship adding to her string of victories in the Texas AOK east region.

In junior black belt forms many of the Texas AOK east regions champions showed up for a chance to win one of the six foot trophies offered by D.E Chambers to all first place champions at this tournament.

Valencia Price was first in girls 12-1 3 years old forms. Eric Cantu took another first at this tournament in boys black belt 16-17 forms with his world championship high flying open kata. Eric Cantu went on to win the Junior black belt forms grand championship.

Sparring ran after forms as customary at all tournaments with kids up first. Junior black belt sparring concluded with some impressive matches. Boys divisional sparring champions included Lostin Smith, James Davidson, Chris Padilla, Vallejo Joshua, Daniella Palomo and Ashley Wood who won the girls 14-17 sparring

Black belt point sparring finalized the event. Dee Fuentes won the men’s light weight division. Berry Benton added to his run on the 45 plus division with another championship. Cassie Hendon won the adult women’s division and Manuel Serrano ended up first in men’s 35 plus light weight. Other champions included Todd Weelock men’s 35 plus heavy weight, Jacobie Gilder men’s middle weight and Shango Cetawayo took home the men’s heavy weight championship. Jacobie Gilder won the men’s point sparring grand championship to complete another impressive Texas Sport Karate event.